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Communicate Directly with Your Angels


In one 6-hour workshop you will establish a life-long, direct communication with your team of Angels.

Throughout the ages, people who could tap the "Wisdom of the Universe" for insights and personal assistance were considered gifted or as having a special relationship with God.

Everyone is gifted! Each of us can experience a special relationship with the All. Everyone has angels, and everyone can communicate with them!

The program includes:Workbook

A private Orientation Profile with an ALC Certified Consultant in which you descover how you use your spiritual abilities of Intuition, Vision, Prophecy and Feeling; how many Angels you have working with you and how you are using your energy on a daily basis.

The 34 page Connect with Your Angels Workbook

All the techniques and training you need to continue to refine your spiritual sensitivity, discernment and psychic abilities

Imagine.... never doubting your decisions again.

The truth is, your angels already send you messages through hunches and intuition. But you may not realize the importance of these messages, or worse, talk yourself out of these feelings. Through the Angel Encounter Workshop, Certified Spiritual Consultants share techniques that can help you discern the insights and impressions you receive from your angels. Best of all, you will establish a two-way communication with them. You will receive immediate answers to your questions.

Workshop Locations

Bethesda, MD

Saturday June 4th, 10am-5pm

Cedar Lane Unitarian Church
9601 Cedar Lane
Bethesda, MD 20814

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