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Richard's Angel Encounter Workshop presentation.

During an Angel Encounter Workshop in Washington, DC we wired Richard Lassiter with a microphone.

Richard is clairaudient. He gets streaming audio from Spirit that he passes along to the audience in front of him. This particular group consisted of people from seven different nations so the content is very good.

During the 90 min presentation, he explains the symbols that Dr. Francisco Coll developed as a tool for explaining humankind’s relationship to the universe in a way anyone can relate to.

The lecture is divided into 16 mp3 files that can be steamed to your computer by clicking the links to the right of each symbol OR you can download the entire program as a ZIP FILE, open it and store it on your computer or MP3 player.

Audio Files

Universal Man

The Introduction; How it all started.

The Real You; a soul with a body.

Thought & Feeling

Balancing thought and feeling


Science, Religion & Society

The States of Consciousness

Out of Balanced States of Consciousness


Inner Guidance (Angels, Spirit Guides, Etc.)

Confusion & Limbo

Confused Souls and Limbo

Love and Life in General


Intuitive and Visionary Perception

Prophetic Perception

Feeling (Healing) Perception


Cycles of Life, 0 -21 years


Cycles of Life, 28 to end of this lifetime.

The questions are a bit hard to hear so we listed them for you.

Can electronic equipment send out energy that can prevent good sleep?
What will my angels do for me?


More Questions:
Are angels known by other names such as Guides?
Are there greater and lesser High souls?
Are my Guidance souls I've known this life time?
How do we educate our community on how to balance science, religion and society?

  Download the entire program as ZIP file


The symbols used on this page are From the Man and the Universesm Orientation Lecture Chartsm and are the property of the estate of Dr. Francisco Coll and Alley Creative, Inc. Use of these symbols without permission is strictly prohibited.